Changsha Subway Welcomes Its Open Day

On July 31, Changsha subway welcomes its first "open day" to the public, unveiling its control room and cab to citizens for the first time.

Signal transceivers of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom in the equipment room can fully meet the communication needs of passengers both at stations and in the train. Wifi on the subway is expected to be put into use in October, by when passengers can enjoy free wifi.

In the machine room for environmental control, the temperature is controlled at about 27°C in summer, and fresh air will be offered in winter, providing passengers a comfortable environment in the train. Nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide are stored in the gas container room. In case of any fire, these gases will be mixed to put out fires in important equipment rooms through the pipes.

For any unusual circumstance monitored by multiple cameras inside each station, workers will take appropriate action immediately.

Fully automatically controlled, each subway train is set with two drivers, who are expected to deal with emergent situations. The automatic control and drivers double insure safety of the subways.

Translator: Zhu Mengxia

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal