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Zhangjiajie Charity Concert Grandly Being on Show

On the evening of August 2nd, “the sentiment of Zhangjiajie” ,Neodalle charity concert was grandly held by the people of Hong Kong and zhangjiajie for the first time.Zhao Xiaoming, Zhangjiajie Mayor attended this event.

With the theme of “big love surge, the affection of zhangjiajie”, the famous music team from Hong Kong, the 2011 champion of star road ,LiuSai and local artists of Zhangjiajie, have performed a form with instruments, solo and due. The quiet melodious composition and sweet songs, which told the love and care for dropout students children, the aged widows who lived a difficult life and the disabled. All of these gave a deep feeling to the person on the charity concert, thus wining a burst of applause.

This activity advocates human love and the purpose of helping each other,thus having realistic significance.

Translated by Sophia