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The World Geological Park of Zhangjiajie will meet “Big Exam”

On August 6th to 9th, World geological park experts, Maria-Luise Frey and Flavia Fernanda De Lima will assess the protection, management, development of ZhangJiaJie world geological park during 2008 and 2012. At the same time, they will delimit gradation according to the assessment, thus aiming to ensure the world geological park develop scientifically and healthily.

WuLingYuan scenic spot of Zhangjiajie is famous for the big peak forest spectacle with rare quartz sandstone. In 2004, it got the first chance to attend world geological park. In recent years, people adhere to the principle of “strict protection, unified management, scientific planning, sustainable use”, which strengthening the protection and scientific study of geological remains. As a world geological heritage,it tries to fully reflect the features of system, integrity, nature, beauty, typicality and so on. In 2010,it smoothly through the review at the first assessment.

In order to do well in the evaluation work, high attention was paid, the leading institutions and work team, formulated a special work plan, to clarify responsibility to relevant departments. With reasonable arrangement of inspection line, they hope that the protection, development and management work of WuLingYuan will be demonstrated fully, the achievement and benefits which brought to the masses of the people will be on show.

Translated by Sophia