Zhangjiajie Attractions fans joint letter for Secretary of China Travel

Dear Mr. Shao,

Invited by Hunan Channel of Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Network, we feel grateful to have participated in the activity “LET ME TRY China Tourists Experience in Beauty and Peace of Zhangjiajie”. We were pleased to visit the world natural heritage sites and experience Chinese habitats in Zhangjiajie - a fairyland on Earth. We sincerely hope that China will account for a greater share in the international travel market. Therefore, out of love and concern, we are writing to offer a few suggestions.

1.China should attach great importance to the constructions of international tourist destinations
There are many successful experiences on the constructions of international tourist destinations in Europe and America; however, for China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), it is not as strategic as it should be. For example, since Korea has made Zhangjiajie a tourist destination, Visitors to Zhangjiajie from Korea rocketed up to 360,000 in 2006 from 116 in 1998. Successfully achieving double-digit percentage growth continuously in recent years, it is a successful transformation for Zhangjiajie. Evidently, paying close attention to the constructions of international tourist destinations has far-reaching significance for upgrading the quality of travel in China.

2.Establishment of travel standard system
China had once carried out the selection of outstanding tourist cities, which was a very effective way to promote the system, yet somehow it was halted. The implementation of Grade-A area selection in recent years could be a good way to improve such system. It is hoped that the selection criteria and its credibility can be completed and enhanced, so that the chances of giving the system up halfway can be avoided.

3. China National Tourism network should integrate with international and domestic market
As there are no integrations between international and domestic market, CNTA’s establishment of “three networks, one database” is devoid of substantial matter. Therefore the network is unpopular even though the outlook is magnificent.

4. China should solve the zero-fee tours and travel agencies contract problems earnestly
In recent years, the concept of zero-fee and low-fee tours has resulted in some issues such as vicious competitions among travel agencies, grabbing customer sources, and forced shopping, which have brought bad impressions on China's travel. CNTA should regulate the travel market.

5.Tourist-season tour guide and improve the travel value-added
As the traveling peak season in China is in May and October, it leads to overcrowding in many tourist attractions during the holidays. It is like demonstrations more than tourists traveling. It also causes damage to the environment.

We love traveling in China. We hope this petition and the above suggestions would help China’s travel market continue to prosper. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Marie Vaughn  吴雨希   美国
ANDER Celine       赛琳娜   法国
CHOI MIN KI   崔民基        韩国
Haase Martin Albert 马丁    加拿大
TsiabolaSthalVeidet 希乐    刚果
Mesian Obama Jovino 佳瓦力  几内亚
Muneeb   ZarDaulat 月亮     阿联酋
Ali Mansoor       巴基斯坦

Source: Dagong Web