Xiangtan University to Publish First Edition of Red Collections

Edition of Red Collections to be published by Xiangtan University Press is proceeding briskly, relevant sources of Xiangtan University told the reporter on May 7. 43 volumes composed and edited in the first edition has been finished. This periodical is ready for release this month.

Red Collections include periodicals, newspapers and works compiled and published by members of the Communist Party of China and progressive personages. The unprecedented masterpiece will fully represent proletariats' efforts to seek truth and their steadfast faith in rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Jointly applied by Xiangtan University Press and Hunan People's Press in 2010, the periodical project won the national publishing fund of 11.46 million yuan, a record high in this sector. The collections with more than 1,500 volumes in total will cover monographs, periodicals and newspapers between 1919 and 1949.

Translator: Guo Yan
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal