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Yuelu Academy Restarts Confucius Memorial Ceremony

Sponsored by the Chinese Studies and Communication Center of Yuelu Academy, Hunan College of Chinese Culture and Hunan Huxiang Cultural Exchange Society, the Confucius Memorial Ceremony & first “Global Chinese Classics Reading Day” was commenced on September 28, 2013. It marks that the Yuelu Academy restarts this tradition after an interruption for one hundred years. 

The Secretary-General of the Organization Committee, Liu Xiaoting introduced that the ceremony was attended by more than 100,000 overseas Chinese and patriotic personage  from over 30 countries like USA, UK, Canada, Japan and Malaysia. They read such classics as The Great Learning and The Analects at sub-venues worldwide to learn the profound time-honored Chinese culture, to gain wisdom and strength from the virtuous men and to promote the realization of the “Chinese Dream” – a great rejuvenation of Chinese culture.

Confucius Memorial Ceremony and first “Global Chinese Classics Reading Day” are initiated at the Yuelu Academy, known as an “Ancient Millenarian Academy”.

Ouyang Bin, vice chairman of the CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee, delivers a speed at the ceremony.

Professor Zhu Hanmin, dean of Yuelu Academy of Hunan University, salutes to Confucius with wine.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal