Hunan Xiangxiang Maohu Watertown approved national 4A level scenic spots

On September 27th, Glad tiding from National Tourism Attraction Quality Grade Evaluation Committee has learned Xiangxiang Maohu Watertown approved national 4A level scenic spots. So far, There are two national 4A travel attractions in Xiangxiang.

Bestowed with green mountains and limpid water, pavilions hidden in top hill, willow and peach blossoming in spring and cured bridges crossing the ponds with gorgeous lotu, Maohu Watertown unfolds an enchanting picture before your eyes. It was approved Hunan 5 Star Countryside Tourism Attraction in 2010 and honored National Leisure Farming and Countryside Tourism Pilot Site in 2012, becoming a vital point in the Red Tourism route of Mao Zedong’s course of growth and named as “The most charming Jiangnan watertown” in China.

Since it initiated to create the national 4A travel attraction, Maohu Watertown has started the construction of tourists reception center, eco-parking lot and travelling footpath; perfected scenic spot identification system; brought in airboat, outward bound and other participation projects. By doing these, the travel service function has been perfected and attraction quality has been improved.

The establishment of the national 4A travel attraction of Maohu Watertown will give engine to enhance the overall image of Xiangxiang travel. By taking this chance, Xiangxiang will take efforts to develop travel industry, boost the integration of travel and culture, enrich the supply of travel products and optimize the development system of travel, which elevate the comprehensive competence of the travel in Xiangxiang.

By Crystal