Xiangxi Tongdao Dong Villages Apply for World Cultural Heritage

Recently, experts from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage conducted a field trip in Hunan's Tongdao Dong Autonomous County to investigate the Dong Village's applying for the World Cultural Heritage.

Tongdao, dotted with a large number of distinctive ancient villages and buildings, is one of the sites with best-preserved cultural heritage of Dong minority. In order to support Tongdao Dong Villages' applying for World Cultural Heritage, the first one in Hunan province, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Hunan Provincial Government have brought the application into Hunan's "12th Five-Year Plan" and established a special team to offer human resources, materials and financial aids.

An office was established by Tongdao County to better protect and manage the "Hundred-mile Dong Culture Gallery" as well as the renovation of Dong villages.

Tongdao also conducts studies on Dong village culture by cooperating with universities like Tsinghua University and launching cultural exchange activities. Additionally, over 20 series of books on Dong culture have been published. Citizens are also encouraged to contribute to the application.

Translator: Chen Bing

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal