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The 4 Participants of “Chinese bridge” to experience culture in Zhangjiajie

From 12 to 13, Four foreign participants who had took part in the 11 th “Chinese bridge” of the World University Chinese Competition came to the zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic spot. They decided to carry out core activities of cultural experience. Hunan satellite TV crew filmed the whole procedure.

The four players are from Britain, Belgium, Australia and Madagaskar. They took a group of exteriors in the YuanGuJie scenic spot, then enjoying tujia minority cultural experience activities such as SangZhi folk, songs of crying marriage.

“Chinese bridge” the World College Students Chinese Competition was a large international Chinese game. It was sponsored by the Chinese national hanban. Since 2002, it has been successfully held ten periods, from more than 70 countries nearly 100000 players involved. Overseas young students through the game show, sharing the success and happiness of learning Chinese. And more than 1000 excellent participants came to china to attend the semi-finals and the final competition.

As the star brand of promoting Chinese, “Chinese bridge” is called Chinese “Olympic”, which has become the the platform of Chinese learners to exchange learning experience and show learning outcomes. This year’s 11 th Chinese bridge game was held by hunan satellite TV for the whole, there were more than 120 players around the world come to changsha.

Translated by Sophia