Zhangjiajie Receives the 1st Chinese Elder International Cultural Travel Festival

With the purpose of respond to the tourist subject that put forward by National Tourism Administration—joyful and healthy visit in 2012, integrate tourist industry, cultural industry and fitness industry of the elderly, and also create a full bodied atmosphere for the old cultural travel, Zhangjiajie will soon receive the first Chinese international cultural travel festival for the old from September 20th to September 25th. Together with the Chinese elder travel association, Zhangjiajie travel association gave the great honor to this city Zhangjiajie for its out-of-print natural landscape.

On the occasion, viewers will see the parade consists of the middle-aged and elder art troupe all over the world in company with the local elder art troupe in Zhangjiajie trunk road. By means of giving various performances that full of chic, local color as well as national characteristics, the participants will easily sense old people’s vigor, optimism and fitness. At the same time, we can set up a good image for the elder cultural travel festival and welcome the convening of the 18th National People’s Congress.

Translated by Becky