Xiangxi Jishou Special Travel Product Becomes A New Travel Highlight

On Oct 7th, Tourists are teemed with Qianzhou ancient town of Jishou city, Xiangxi autonomous prefecture. Tourists from Shanghai, Chongqing and Shanxi are purchasing travel products. Ms gao from Shanxi says, “Tujia brocades have strong three dimension and fine color. I will buy them to send to my relatives and friends”.

According to the operators of Tujia brocade and silver shops, During the “Golden Week” holiday, in order to attract more tourists, they have improved the Tujia brocade and Miao silvers, combining Xiangxi ethnic factors into the products, which are favored by tourists.

In recent years, Jishou city, Xiangxi autonomous prefecture has emphasized on developing special travel products and stressing travel commodity market brands. By regarding Tujia brocade, silver, Luo shi pressed salted duck and sugar and other special travel products in Xiangxi as artworks, they sale these products to tourists across the world and at the same time attract more domestic and foreign tourists to start “Mysterious journey in Xiangxi”. At present, The special travel products marketing in Qianzhou ancient town has become a new travel highlight in Xiangxi.

By Crystal