The First Hunan Flower Drum Arts Festival Will Kick off in Yiyang

On Oct 8th, source has learned that The First Hunan Flower Drum Arts Festival Will Kick off in Yiyang from Nov 10th to Nov 20th. Co-hosted by Hunan Agency for Culture Affairs and Yiyang Government, The festival falls into six major activities and 0ver 10 opera shows.

Honored as“The nest for Flower drum opera” (A opera form popular along Yangtze River), Yiyang is the womb of “Yiyang flower drum”, a provincial intangible culture heritage protection project. Since 2010, The city has hold three flower drum opera show in succession.

During the arts festival, other subject activities will be held, such as flower drum arts exhibition, flower drum opera seminar, excellent shows of flower drum opera and “Flower drum style·Yiyang Emotion”. 20 famous experts, performing artists of flower drum opera and flower drum opera inheritors from China Music Academy, Guizhou University and provincial arts research institute are to start the flower drum opera seminar; six performing units from Jingmen, Hubei, Changsha, Yiyang, Zhuzhou, Shaoyang, Loudi and Yueyang plan to present excellent opera shows; “Flower drum style” fitness dance for the citizens, “Flower drum style” singer contest and some “Going to the countryside” events also are to take place. All these shows and exhibitions are free to the public and about over 1 million people will benefit from this festival.

By Crystal