Xiangxi “Gelangdu”&“Wunuo Culture” Praised by Tourists

On Oct 3rd, On the performing arts plaza of Qianzhou ancient town, Jishou city, Xiangxi, an intangible cultural performance with unique Xiangxi features provokes huge praises among tourists and of which the folk cultural factors are indulged by tourists.

“Gelangdu” is the original totem of Xiangxi aborigines. Its worships include: ancestor worship, universal worship and gods worship; its performances embody: “Heaven”, “Earth” and “Harmony” three chapters, which combine the cultural essence of Tujia people. Taken sacrificial culture as its mean line, the show delivers rich folk culture of the mysterious Xiangxi through the live show by the intangible cultural inheritor.

Accompanied by powerful percussion sound, Tima Jingu, Wedding Lament of Tujia People and Tujia Waving Dance feast tourists’ eyes and arise warm applause.

Watching wonderful and rich-ethnic-featured culture show and tasting Xiangxi good wine,“The programs shocks me a lot and especially the rich culture elements enchants me!” a Hubei tourist who come here for the first time says.

The person in charge of Qianzhou ancient town travel development CO.,Ltd, indicates as an intangible program that the company takes huge efforts to build up, “Gelangdu” is the national eco-original cultural program in Xiangxi. It embodies the essences of Xiangxi Tujia people and Miao people and delivers bountiful folk culture in the mysterious Xiangxi. All its participation personnel are from the intangible inheritors in Western Hunan. Now the program has become a key one for tourists to learn about Xiangxi.

By Crystal