Xiangxi Initiates Digital Protection for Intangible Cultural Heritage

At 10:00 am, Nov 18th, in Pinglang Village, Jishou City, Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Wulingyuan(Xiangxi) Tujia Miao Culture Ecological Protection Zone Construction & Digital Protection for Autonomous Prefecture Intangible Cultural Heritage project officially initiates its boot ceremony.

Warm sunshine shining in Dong River Valley, Festival atmosphere prevails in Pinglang Village, Jishou City, where Miao people settle in. Dressed in festival splendid attire, they beat the Miao drum and sing Miao songs. After a brief ceremony, under a citrus tree and on the beach of Dong River, the first digital protection national intangible cultural heritage project–“Xiangxi Miao Drum Dance” is recorded amid such original and ecological situation. Shi shun ming, The 64 year-old inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage project and the second-generation Miao “Drum King” gives the performance of “Celebrate the harvest”.

In May, 2010, The national Ministry of Culture approved to set up “Wulingyuan (Xiangxi) Tujia Miao Culture and Ecology protection Pilot Zone”; In march 21st, 2013, The over-all planning of the protection pilot zone has pasted the accreditation by Ministry of Culture; there are 24 items from autonomous prefecture that selected into national intangible cultural heritage list and 62 items that selected into provincial list; There are 22 national representative inheritors and 44 provincial representative inheritors. In Nov this year, China Digital protection Center for Intangible cultural Heritage carried out the first group of digital protection pilot project, autonomous prefecture became the first one in these 13 pilots and also one of the pilot that has two prefecture-level digital protection pilots for intangible cultural heritage.

Source from: Hunan Daily

By Crystal