Wulingyuan Travel Agency Provides Advice for Travel Development

On March 18th, Wulingyuan travel agency works out a symposium about how to strengthen confidence and innovative ideas for attracting more domestic and overseas tourists. With widely listenning to all sides, They joint research to travel situation countermeasures.

With warm atmosphere, The travel agencies combine their respective operating situation, careful analysis of current travel situation and actively look for the current tourist trips. Suggestions as follows:

1.Strengthen and expand the travel market, Paying attention to the depth of cooperation with the large travel group, To explore new tourist market.

2.Increase support for travel agencies. Preferential policies should be scientific and reasonable rewarded.

3.Put new means and methods, and make government image propaganda.

4.The government should strengthen the macroeconomic regulation and control management, as soon as possible.

5.Create loose development environment for the development of the travel agency, etc.

Translated by Sophia