Zhangjiajie Longfeng Temple Had a Forest Travel Quality Construction

On the morning of March 16th,2014,Zhangjiajie Longfeng Temple scenic spot, Wulingyuan key cultural relics protection unit, With several horses filled with sand and other supplies was on the transformation of the construction.

It was understood that this batch of “Caravan” was located in the Yangjiajie forest travel channel service, nearly 1 km. Due to the dense forest, The migrant workers should bear a burden. In order to save time, several migrant workers work out to use “Caravan” labour supplies.

As “The last kilometer” of forest travel channel quality upgrade, Zhangjiajie Park Longfeng temple ruins cultural landscape will catch the attention of more visitors.

Zhangjiajie Longfeng temple was built in the Ming dynasty, named after the deep Longfeng rock. It was one of the important religious sites in the local history.

Translated by Sophia