A Bright and Beautiful Spring with Blooming Flowers went into Zhangjiajie

When it gets warmer, flowers bloom. Zhangjiajie, A world tourist resort, has witnessed an spell of warm from March 15th to March 17th. Hence, many mountain flowers were in bloom one another to welcome domestic and foreign people who go on spring outing.

Among those blooming flowers, white sakuras and yellow catalpa blossoms can be seen mainly in Mount Tianzi, Yuanjiajie, Ten-mile Gallery. In Yellow stone village, white, Yellow and red plum blossoms were so beautiful that attract a lot of travelers to visit here. Magnolia liliifloras in Water Around Four Gates is in full bloom, Its fragrance very intoxicating. In particular, A sea of yellow rape flowers, florid begonias, Pink peach blossoms as well as dark blue fringed iris in Yellow Dragon Hole Ecological Square displayed so colorful a world that made visitors dazzled and forget to leave. Besides, A few lovers shot their wedding pictures in Wulingyuan.

For the moment, A smooth traffic is kept in Wulingyuan. Hotels in urban area has enough capacity of reception. Each scenic areas are all in good order.

Translated by Zumi