Wulingyuan Tickets Company Offerred Quality Service for 300,000 Tourists

On October 7th, the golden week has nearly come to end, in the core scenic area, four tickets station received nearly 300000 people, year-on-year growth of 65%, among them 60% was self-driver. All of this reached new highs, the staff with high quality, good service won the tourists consistent high praise, no complaints.

It is understood that the wulingyuan tickets company in National Day was expected to fierce passenger, getting everything ready to meet the peak. The openning time bumped up from 7:20 to 6 points. The order, disabled people and children had priority to enter the park. And the time, by monitoring real time images to know the scenic tourists crowded conditions, reminding guests to arrange suitable travel route according to actual situation. Youth volunteers provided free tourist map. Company personnel let visitors feel wulingyuan as ae warm home.

Translated by Sophia