Wulingyuan Quanyu Kongmy Favored on the 14th China Green Food Expo

On Oct 12th, The 14th China Green Food Expo(Green Expo) is convened in Qingdao, and Quanyu Kongmy in Wulingyuan Middle Lake Xiangyu is presented on this expo on behalf of the only green rice in Hunan.

The expo is co-hosted by China Green Food Development Center, Shandong Agriculture and Qingdao people’s government and organized by Shandong Green Food Development Center, Qingdao Agriculture committee and Qingdao Yangchen people’s government.

Located in the world famous travelling resort–Zhangjiajie, Middle Lake Xiangyu village is away from city and free from pollution. It has been the production base of Kongmy that presented to the royal court by the king of toast(A chieftain in ancient Western Hunan) for hundreds of years. The soli there contains high portion of selenium and microclimate features highlight. By the production technology and process of green food(Rice) standard, The Quanyu Kongmy is a special rice that has the functions of medicine and health care.

The Quanyu Kongmy that presented on this expo embodies HN Farming 25, Jade Incense neddle and Shen liangyou 5814. It is packed in vacuum package and stamped with green certification and QS on the external packing as well as the paper box printed Wulingyuan scenery. Every box is standard at 10kg with ten one-kg vacuum packages rice. The booth for Quanyu kongmy attracts many a visitors. After cooked on scene and end-product display and foretaste on scene, the rice is recognized by customers. Up to now, over ten merchants have given an invitation and is under negotiation.

By Crystal