The 2nd Skyflying World Championship is to be held in Tianmenshan

Contenders Giving Trial Fights to Prepare for the Upcoming Proximity Skyflying World Championship in Tianmenshan.The 2nd Term Red Bull Cup Proximity Skyflying World Championship is to be held in Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan from October 11 to 13.

In the afternoon, October 6th, Jeb Chris leaded Colombian Jonathan Florez as well as Krise Tina-The wife of British competitor James Bohr to give a trial flight in Tianmenshan.

Krise Tina, A fan of Proximity Skyflying, accompanied her husband to take part in the match. When seeing the beautiful Tianmenshan, she decided to take a trial flight as a firsthand experience. Jeb Chris and Jonathan Florez is a team, Krise Tina is another team alone by herself. The former team firstly took flight at the top of the Mount, reaching the destination of the contest route. Krise Tina followed another fight, but not in accord with the planned route for this was her first flight in here.

16 Contestants come from 9 countries, namely New Zealand, the United States, France, Austria, Hungary, Britain, Columbia and Norway. According to the rule this year, they should jump from a cliff with a vertical drop of 700 meters and make 3 wide-angle turns in a speed per hour over 120 kilometer. Anyone who gets to the ropeway line and spends the shortest time will be the champion.

By Zumi