First National Original Square Dance Performing staged in Zhuzhou

On Oct 11th, The national first original square dance performing is staged on Zhuzhou Shen Nung Square.

Approved by National Ministry of Culture, sponsored by China Traditional Culture Propaganda Bureau and China Zhuzhou miniciapal party committe propaganda office, and organized by HNTV International Channel, Zhuzhou New Acitivity Transmission Co.,Ltd, Zhuzhou Broadcasting and TV Station and Zhuzhou Tourism Bureau, The dnace performing is a national community culture and travel activity that rolled culture and travel into one. After one month, the activity has received over 300 dnace groups with over 10,000 dancers across the country to gather in Zhuzhou for contest.

Thanks to its mausoleum of Yan emperor who was the father of cutting tung for jean and Chinese dance, Zhuzhou is choosed to be the destination. The square dance that played by our ancestors is revealled its passion on this ground. Zhuzhou, A“City Pulled by Train”, is a place of happiness for Yan Emperor as well as a holy land for festivals with rich travel resources. Except take part in the dance performings, the dancers can join the travel activity to pay a formal visit to Yan Emperor and persue Red relics. They enjoy the landscape of lakes and hills, cultural customs and modern civilization of Zhuzhou, which plays a vital role in promoting Zhuzhou’s popularity and upgrading Zhuzhou’s travel.

By Crystal