Strong Cultural Atomosphere of Shuangxing Village Square in Wulingyuan

Ever since the establishment of Literature and Art Association for grey hairs in Shuangxing village, Luoxiyu town, Wulingyuan district, the elderly stopped killing time by playing card and tend to participate singing and dancing activities and rehearse. People gradually abandon boring life and start a brand-new and meaningful life.

In order to rich villagers’ spiritual and cultural life and set up an atmosphere of civility and harmony, Shuangxing village have optimized the cultural square, established Association for the Aged and input 30 thousands yuan to organize the first circumference drum team and waist drum team composed by old people. Team members have come to more than 50 people and professionals have been employed to guide them.

Apart from developing cultural activities for grey hairs, activities like selecting and appraising “Civilized Family”, “Excellent Daughter-in-law”, “Superstars Who Are Filial Piety to Parents and Care Children” are also hosted every year. In addition, “The Five-Star Level Health Households” will be chosen and awarded every quarter. These activities have in a great degree motivated villagers to participate in civilization establishment.

By Brenda