“Wing Man” Victor Kovats Fell in Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan with Misfortune

On October 8th, Victor•Kovats, One of the second world wing flight championships athletes, fell from Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain with great misfortune. According to Zhangjiajie Government and event organizers, The cause of the accident may be related to “Technical error test process”. At present, Zhangjiajie is mobilize a rescue team of more than 200 people along the canyon precipice go all out search and rescue.

Victor•Kovats from Hungary, Has 6 years skydiving experience, contains 700 times wing loading skydiving. He once won the third Hungarian wing loading skydiving championship and 2012 European wing competitive championship. His excuse for this entry is ranking among the fastest flying dreams.

Translated by Sophia