2013 China Shimen Citrus Festival Unveils Its Curtain

On Oct 10th, as the order goes from the Shimen county clerk, 2013 China·Shimen Citrus Festival officially unveils its curtain in the sports center of Shimen. Since Shimen initiated its 1st China·Shimen Citrus Festival in 2001, celebrating the citrus harvest has become a happy feast for 700,000 citizens in Shimen.

Themed with “My Citrus Festival” in this year, although lively atmosphere prevails in the crowd as the previous years, there are still some new changes in this year’s festival. “The festival is sponsored by Shimen county citrus association while the government backs to the curtain. There are no stars invited and the opening ceremony is not held in stared hotel” The activity person introduces, in line with the principle of “Economized Festival”, Shimen turns the citrus festival into a genuine “My Citrus Festival” by many activities such as orange farmers’ happy parade, Citrus King PK and Tujia cooking skill show.

It is reported by the end of 2012, there are 40 citrus specialized cooperatives in Shimen with 7,471 memberships, which activates over 130,000 farmers. Since 2011, through citrus specialized cooperatives, Shimen has sold over 100,000 tons of citrus. Overcome the extreme drought against citrus’ grown-up, leaders from Shimen county party committee and county government have signed 27,000 tons sales contract with Amur River, Suifen river, 60,000 tons citrus with Shanghai and 270,000 tons with Sinkiang. These guarantee citrus farmers’ enthusiasm for production.

By Crystal