2500 Bicycles Have a Competition in Zhangjiajie Xibu Street

On the 19th of this month, 2013 “Xibu Street cup” second zhangjiajie wulingyuan traversing bicycle competition will be hold in the world natural heritage site Zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic area. 2500 cyclists from the domestic and outdoor will for the first time travel in the “Zhangjiajie landform scenic area”.

The cycling theme is “Riding with joy, happy xibu street”, Which designed to encourage people to pay more attention to choose a geen rtravel way with low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission. It will transfer a concept of saving resource, protecting friendly environment, and green city. By means of cycling, it aims to introduce wulingyuan rich travel resources to the society, making zhangjiajie unique natural landscape and beauty become a low-carbon symbol.

During this event, CCTV, xinhua news, people’s net, hunan satellite TV, hunan daily, Massachusetts and dozens of media will live tracking report. Sina weibo and tencent weibo will conduct real-time live online.

Translated by Sophia