Upgraded version will set sail in Gezihua Grand Theater On April 18th

On April 18th, Upgraded version “Dream in Zhangjiajie” will set sail in Gezihua Grand Theater.

“Dream in Zhangjiajie” is organized by China’s most famous cultural and commercial value of the word, the composer and music producer He Muyang. His masterpiece includes “The moon”, “South of clouds”, “Sitting on the train to Lhasa”, 2016 year of the monkey Spring Festival gala “Silk road” and so on.

New stage, first-class lights, familiar place, brand hotel, performing arts star are in the mode of operation, which will fill Zhangjiajie city nightlife brand culture of poverty. The cultural leisure industry will become Zhangjiajie travel another tipping point, and a culture of the new business cards.

With a total investment of 50 million, Gezihua Grand Theater can accommodate 1,500 people. With the material of Zhangjiajie landscape, intangible cultural heritage and local tujia culture, using the domestic first-class LED, laser, lighting, sound, stage machinery equipment, it will all-round show Xiangxi minority grand and peculiar custom picture scroll, which looks like a resonant national epic.

Translated by Sophia