2016 Zhangjiajie Tianmen fox spirit live show

New subject-live performance, Hunan culture gold brand, the world first alpine valleys live musical “Zhangjiajie Tianmen, Fox spirit new bangs cut firewood” first tentative time for 2016 season is on March 2nd.

Just after Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival, all the “Fox spirit” has assembled, for running-in team as soon as possible, to give the highest level of artistic feast for waiting tourists around the world.

Tianmen fox spirit communication performance in 2016 will be more powerful than in 2015. Nearly 500 staffs in their rehearsal space, under the guidance of the teacher, they have begun to play rehearsal. In order to guarantee the performance level, dance teacher gives high requirements to the role of every movement, every look. All the staffs work hard sweat to give a most perfect world landscape subject-live performance for viewers at home and abroad.

Translated by Sophia