U.S. experts offer advice for Zhangjiajie tourism market in North Ameria

To better develop travel market in North America, attract more north American guests to zhangjiajie, zhangjiajie travel administration invited more than 10 travel marketing experts and media people who engaged in the traveling development in the United States, to come to zhangjiajie for investigation. November 9th, afternoon, the two sides held the zhangjiajie travel market forum with the United States.

In recent years, as the rising popularity and reputation of zhangjiajie, attracting more and more north American guests to come to zhangjiajie. According to the travel department datas, so far this year has been 8500 American tourists to zhangjiajie. City travel bureau also specially established north American tourists official web sites in English.

On the occasion of the symposium, more than 10 American experts in view of the insufficiency and the difficulty of current zhangjiajie travel development in north American market, put forward more than 30 opinions and the suggestion. Such as, travel resources, infrastructure construction, travel, and so on. These included replacing of guide megaphone, setting multilingual identification card, increasing the professional English tour guide, and paying attention to individual traveler of north American market. In the end, promoting zhangjiajie travel construction.

Translated by Sophia