Zhangjiajie Cili County to declare success “China spa town”

With the long-term efforts of Party Committee, Government as well as the Bureau of Land and Resources of Cili County and other concerning departments, Zhangjiajie Cili County has managed the application for the reputation of “China spa town”. It was officially authorized by the judging panel of the hot-spring paradise of China and the Sample Flat of Geothermal Energy Development and Utilization as the Hot-Spring Paradise of China. The result has been publicized on the website of the Ministry of Land and Resources and the ceremony of name-board awarding is just around the corner.

Accordingly, the success of application will bring tremendous economic interests to the county’s economic development since Cili will develop the travel resources in a full round under the theme of hot spring, which will open a new page for the implementation of the strategy of developing the county through travel and industry.

Translated by Vincent Chou