“Soldier Transfer in Tongdao” Concert Tour Starts

The performance tells the story about an episode of the Long March. When soldiers came to Tongdao, an important decision was made: the transfer of groups of soldiers will be made from Tongdao to Guizhou. The decision laid an important foundation for the subsequent convening of Zunyi meeting. The Long March (October 1934 – October 1935) was a military retreat undertaken by the Red Army of the Communist Party of China, the forerunner of the People’s Liberation Army, to evade the pursuit of the Kuomintang (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) army.

A concert themed “Soldier Transfer in Tongdao”, starts its first performance of a national tour at the Hunan Grand Theater on the evening of June 19, 2018. It is a dissemination, communication, and promotion project in 2018 funded by the China National Arts Fund. (Photo/Fu Cong, Long Wenyang)

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang