Tourists Praised Zhangjiajie Travel Environment

As the “Wulingyuan scenic spot free week policy” and other series of positive policies, In the thick winter, Zhangjiajie travel market was still popular. The good scenic spot travel environment was praised by tourists.

Many of the visitors from Guangdong said that Zhangjiajie good travel environment left a deep impression on them, and tour guide service also made them feel very thoughtful.

With a fine tour order, The hotel and the price have no deceit. People immediately liked zhangjiajie scenic beauty, and travel environment.

In order to meet the world heritage open week, Wulingyuan scenic area from December 25th to 31st, will free open to the world. In this period, visitors can visit Zhangjiajie national forest park, Suoxiyu, Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie and other famous scenic spot to watch the winter scene.

Translated by Sophia