Foreigners Take You to Travel in Zi Quejie in Winter

On Dec 22nd, Organized by Hunan Tourism Bureau and Hunan Government English Portal Website, ten people from the photography collection team—“Foreigners Take You to Travel in Hunan” come to the millennium ancient village–Xinhua, to explore the mysterious Zi Quejie, taste Meishan cate, learn Meishan martial arts.

These foreign friends who are from America, Pakistan, Mongolia, Cambodia and Yemen, etc repeatedly praise that Meishan cate is “yummy”, Meishan martial arts is “supernatural” and the beauty of Zi Quejie is “splendid”, and take photos of these beautiful memory. Standing on Jiu Longpo viewing deck to see terraced fields and the smooth lines of their ridges, looking up to the north hillside that covered with white snow, these visitors overwhelm the cold weather and capture the very beauty of every site by cameras. On the viewing deck of Mountains of Lune, they are filled with admiration by the Master He and Master Wang’s skill of chocking adamants in their hands and their martial arts, even ask the two masters to be their Shifu for teaching such skills. Besides, the team also visit the peasant families in Zi Quejie, taste fish gel and delicious preserved meat and other local foods and experience how to make glutinous rice cake.

By Crystal