Qian-Zhang-Chang Railway Construction Entered into the Countdown

On December 19th to 20th, Shanghai-kunming railway passenger dedicated line hunan cable LTD and China railway first survey and design institute group panel line went into Sangzhi stop-Woyun cave, Yongding stop, Li river stop and Hejia village station. They made a reconnaissance argument of the railway route according to design drawings.

Qian-Zhang-Chang railway began at Qianjiang station pf Chongqing, and ended at Changde railway station. It had 339 km long, With a total investment of 37.6 billion yuan. Design standard was the national Ⅰlevel railway, Double line. The designed speed was about 200 km/h. The railway investment was about 11.5 billion yuan. It will be located in Zhangjiajie west railway station, Sangzhi station, Jiaoziya station and Hejia village station.

Translated by Sophia