The Start-up of “Millions of Fans, Try to Tour in Zhangjiajie” Activities

On December 21th, “millions of fans, try to tour in zhangjiajie”activities started in the world natural heritage wulingyuan scenic spot.The vice mayor of municipal government LiangBi, travel bureau Ding Yunyong and wulingyuan district party committee, deputy secretary of the party committee secretary Hou Jiaji and other leaders attended the media conference.

As we have learned, the topic of this activity was “protection of beautiful China, hand in hand to combine with green zhangjiajie, paying attention to the poor rural left-behind children”. With the way of being jointly sponsored by global “fans” to freely tour zhangjiajie, thus enjoying zhangjiajie beautiful natural scenery, cultural cultivation of zhangjiajie leisure projects, and helping zhangjiajie left-behind children achieve a better life.

This was the third time that zhangjiajie recruited free performer. It included Italy, Mongolia six countries,with 100 “fans”. In the three days of zhangjiajie, fans in addition to free experience “winter zhangjiajie, ten big beauty” and “zhangjiajie ten healthly cate”, they would also care for zhangjiajie left-behind children.

Translated by Sophia