Chinese Painting Master Goes on a World Tour Spreading Hunan Culture

Sponsored by China Ministry of Commerce and China Ministry of Culture, Chinese painting master, Chen Kailiang participated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai (the Gulf Pearl) Art Tour, in the Works exhibition of Chinese most influential art masters. Chen Kailiang, the only invited painting artist from Hunan, was well-received by the attendees in the UAE. The double-horse drawing presented to President of the UAE holds a profound meaning symbolizing the co-development of China and the United Arab Emirates.

Chen Kailiang has always devotes himself to spreading Hunan culture and traditional Chinese culture. Lately, he has attended China-America Culture Exchange Exhibition and was titled as the most influential artist. He plans to actively create art in the itinerant exhibitions in over 20 countries. He hopes he can present better works to the world and in his own way contribute in spreading Chinese traditional culture.

Translator: Wang Rong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal