Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole Image-text Competition

December,20th, “misty rain zhangjiajie · drunken beauty of huanglong hole” image-text competition has entered the last 12 days countdown. At the appointed time, experts and network vote “the most beautiful” 16 guide commentaries, sharing the highest 100000 yuan and minimum 5000 yuan prize. Total bonus reaches as high as 800000 yuan. Zhangjiajie huanglong hole image-text competition kicks off more than four months, with the national net friend’s high attention. Cut-off by 15th, it received 540 pieces, participants in the network voting was up to 159227 people.

The zhangjiajie huanglong hole “best” graphic contest aims at promoting a more comprehensive and accurate system of huanglong hole, improving the huanglong cave travel charm.

By Sophia