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More Than 200 Media Focus on 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week

During the session of country singles, there will be more than 200 media focus on zhangjiajie, all-round report 2013 international country singles pomp, to show zhangjiajie’s unique charm.

According to introduction, This country singles publicity will adopt vertical promotion mode. The channel covers television, print, network and so on. With comprehensive attacking, more than 200 domestic and overseas media will concentrate on the propaganda and follow-up reports, to form a powerful public influence. At present, around the music preparation, activity subject, iteam, etc.,CCTV, xinhua news agency, China news agency, hunan daily, Massachusetts and dozens of media has been underway for a comprehensive range of previous forecast, which effectively expanding the zhangjiajie foreign brand image.

At the opening ceremony, hunan satellite TV broadcast live across the international channels. CCTV, Phoenix TV, Dragon TV, CNN, The People’s Daily, Economic daily, and so many print media will combine country singles theme activities, carry out various news report. The central people’s broadcasting station, the voice of America, the BBC, Chinese radio stations of Hong Kong will also be the first time to pass zhangjiajie “the sound of music”.

In addition, The Associated Press, ria novosti news agency, Reuters, agence France presse, the kyodo news agency and other major foreign media will be synchronized to the global coverage of zhangjiajie music awards. At the same time, by using weibo, micro letter communication effect, we can “all-weather” release the latest dynamic of the music, and interact with local netizens to exchange and expand the influence.

Translated by Sophia