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The Love Story of Woodman and Fox Fairy: Culture Makes My Travel Worthy

“The first destination of my traveling here impressed me so so much after arriving.” Mr. Li said, “I used to think that Zhangjiajie was only famous for its green mountains and clear waters never realizing it has such a touching and romantic story as The Love Story of a Woodman and a Fox Fairy which also matched with so much beautiful music.”In the night of National Day, Mr. Li, a tourist from Beijing, was deeply touched by The Love Story of a Woodman and a Fox Fairy with Tianmen Mountian and its tranquil valley as the background. Mr. Li enjoys traveling as well as searching for culture and music of deep indigenous colors. “The atmosphere grasped me at the right beginning. It’s like a crowd from different areas, sitting and listening to an interesting story.” Mr. Li said, “I was wondering I was already back to the Tianqiao Theater in ancient Beijing. So familiar!”

What is traveling for? Mr. Li believes that it is for cultures. He said that the Forbidden City and Badaling both hold their popularity for recordsof abundant and heavy history. He wishes Zhangjiajie will have more cultural products like The Love Story of a Woodman and a Fox Fairy which really sheds light on the culture and custom here and makes traveling worthy!

Translated by Vincent Chou