The First-run of Zhangjiajie Outdoor Traveling Trailer Praised in Yangshuo

“Wherever there is the end of the journey, wherever there is the beginning of next journey. There is at least one adventure that can discover the desire of your inner soul. Amid the river and mountain, you can have more choices… This is freedom; there is Zhangjiajie” On Oct 26th, in the 6th Yangshuo climbing Festival, The first-run of Zhangjiajie outdoor traveling trailer attracts over 10,000 outdoor sports lovers and receives huge praises. Shi wenxuan, the member of outdoor traveling workgroup indicates after viewing the trailer, many outdoor lovers activate to have contacts with them and learn more about the information of outdoor traveling in Zhangjiajie.

The trailer lasts 57 minutes and took about three weeks to finish the photo-taking, editing and dubbing. Most of the materials are the real scenes of early resource survey. In order to display Zhangjiajie’s outdoor traveling resources in an all-around way, the director adds the extreme sport–fly crazy in the clip late. Ending the trailer by the scene of fly crazy is to highlight the theme of “This is freedom; there is Zhangjiajie”.

It is said developing outdoor traveling is the sally port to transformation and upgrade of Zhangjiajie, and is a new measurement to heat up its travel. After finishing the early outdoor traveling resource survey, the trailer starts the first shot of Zhangjiajie’s exploration of outdoor traveling and also becomes the national outdoor traveling trailer of the first traveling city.

By Crystal