Middle-aged and Elderly Models to Contend for Beauty in Zhangjiajie

Sponsored by Happy Old Man Newspaper, Named by American robotic vacuum–iRobot, and organized by Zhangjiajie Yongan International Traveling Agency, The national final battle “Pretty China–National Middle-aged and elderly Model Contest” will be held in Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Theater on Nov 2nd.

Lasting for four months, after mass-election from Changsha, Guangzhou, Jinan, Beijing and Zhangjiajie, Over 100,000 contestants will join the fashion party, guiding the old fashion trend.

Is the noble and classic Daiyu(The heroine of one of China four major classic novels–A Dream in Red Mansion) More elegant and moving? Or the western jeans are more charming? Or the green and ecological costume that made from garbage bags is more eye-catching? On Nov 2nd, 14 top model teams across China will gather in Zhangjiajie’s T stage to contend for beauty, nobility and temperament and strive for the champion. Who on earth is the real model Hipster? Come to Zhangjiajie on Nov 2nd and you have a date with fashion.

By Crystal