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The First China (Zhangjiajie) Elderly Cultural Travel Festival Grand Opening

On September 21th, 2012 the first China (zhangjiajie) elderly international cultural travel festival zhangjiajie in the grand opening.

On the day of opening ceremony, large ethnic customs culture display activities is also unusually brilliant. Middle-aged and old friends through the chorus, fashion show, dance, tai chi chuan, soft force ball and so on program, show the spirit of contemporary and artistic style. The whole performance is filled with old life infinite vitality.

This activity with the theme of “chasing love for zhangjiajie, healthy and happy travelling — let life of the old more happy” , and to integrate the old age tourist industry, the old culture industries, the elderly health industry, to create a rich cultural travel atmosphere. During the campaign, the middle-aged and old art group from all over the world and zhangjiajie local elderly group, a total of 115 teams composition, strive to rely on zhangjiajie natural landscape, through holding a series of rich and colorful activities, like middle-aged and old culture and art sports competition and so on, to create the old culture travel brand and image.

Translated by Sophia