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First International Old-Age Culture and Travel Festival Kicks off in Zhangjiajie

International Old-Age Culture and Tourism Festival will last till Sept.25th. During the festival, hundreds of quinquagenarian-travel groups from over 20 provinces and cities such asBeijing,Shanghai andGuangzhou etc. will be in Zhangjiajie, together with the delegation of culture and sports to participate parade in matrixes, art performance contest, Tour of Zhangjiajie Cycling and Heaven-Linking Avenue Cycling Challenge and so on and so forth.

Zhang Wen-Yuan, president of The Chinese Society for Futures Studies, honorary chairman of The Chinese Travel Union for Elder People, and president of China Association of the Universities for the Aged is declaring opening of the First International Old-Age Culture and Tourism Festival

Wu Yu-Shao, vice chairman of China National Committee on Aging is delivering a speech

Excited quinquagenarian visitors in the parade

Dancing, Tai Chi, and Rouliqiu showcased vitality of the performers

Foreign friends coming from afar

Translated by Misu Spark Lee

Source:Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal