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International low-altitude parachuting athletes visited Huanglong Hole

On September 18th, jumpers from different 48 countries, visited huanglong hole ecological square which like a pastoral poetry. And having watched the large folk song and dance drama “misty rain of zhangjiajie”.

When jumper Lonny from Canada stepped into ecological square of huanglong hole, he was attracted by golden yellow grain plaza, original tujia diaojiao house. And having asked guider about tujia culture. Thus praising zhangjiajie is not only a beautiful scenery, but also a strong folk culture place.

In huanglong hole, parachute athletes gave praise to high width of cave, glittering and translucent stalagmite. Meanwhile asking for details of the formation process of huanglong hole. When came to the fourth floor of huanglong hole, dragon temple hall, the athletes amazed at “magical needle”which as high as 19.2 meters and formed in the last 200000 years ago, thus took out camera in succession to film the “beautiful wonders”.

Translated by Sophia