The Collective Edition of Zhangjiajie Travel Information was put into market

Recently, The ten-year collective edition of Zhangjiajie Tourism Information is published. It embodies seven major parts:“Focus On Zhangjiajie”, “Looking back at highlights”, “Self-drving travel”, “Deep analysis”, “Regarding the soul”, “Special recommendation”, “Humanities observatory” and displays Zhangjiajie’s natural and humanity beauty from a multi-angle and profound perspective. “Focus On Zhangjiajie” Centers on the transformation and upgrade of travel and mainly introduces the 1656 planning of “Build up upgrades, Update Zhangjiajie”; “Looking back at highlights” looks back to Zhangjiajie’s marketing and planning innovations in the past ten years, including Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, Zhangjiajie Avatar…; “Special recommendation” recommends many excellent scenic spots to tourists, such as Yellow Stone Village, Yuanjiajie, Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake and Xibu Street.

Started in 2004, Directed by Zhangjiajie Tourism Working Committee and produced by Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau, Zhangjiajie Tourism Information is promoted by Zhangjiajie Golden Phoneix Tourism and Culture Communication Co., ltd. It is published two periods annualy and mainly provides tourists with authoratative information in terms of eating, lodge, walking, travelling, shoping and entertainment. It is reported that since its foundation for ten years, Zhangjiajie Tourism Information has put freely into market for one million, becoming another key business card for Zhangjiajie to propaganding its travel.

By Crystal