Top Ten Countryside-Beauty in Changsha

Sponsored by Changsha Municipal Party Committee, and Changsha Government, and organized by Changsha Propaganda department, Changsha Ministry of Agriculture, Changsha Tourism Bureau, Changsha Commerce and Business Bureau and Changsha Evening News Group, From August to December, 2013 “Meeting in the Most Beautiful Countryside in Changsha” activity kicks off in Changsha. In order to enrich the activity, In this “Meeting in the Most Beautiful Countryside in Changsha” activity, two competitive items: “Top Ten Countryside-Beauty in Changsha” and “Top Ten Rural Local Specialties in Changsha” are set. After the recommendation and preliminary assessment, now the 15 selected countryside-beauty and rural local specialties in Changsha are released as follows:

Former Home of Yang Kaihui

Egret Lake

Taogong Temple

Scholar Ecological Farm

Huaming Building


Mount Wei


Mount Dawei


Chima Lake

Sha Ping

Black Elk Peak

Qian Long Lake

Xin Kang

Source from: Changsha Tourism Bureau Website

By Crystal