“Foreigners Take You to Travel”Photography Team Walks into Fenghuang

From Dec 19th to Dec 20th, Ten foreign photography lovers from France, Fiji, Syria, Romania and Egypt accompany with “Foreigners Take You to Travel in Hunan” Photography collection team to come to Feanghuang–The national historical and cultural ancient town. They will conduct one-day photography creation and will put their photography works on the Net microtick show activity of “Foreigners Take You to Travel in Hunan”.

The photography collection team successively visit North Gate Tower, Culture Square, Shen Congwen former home and Chen Baozhen Museum and other famous scenic spots. Against the Tuo River amid the sunset, watching the limpid stream flow slowly foward and giving a scent of tranquility, The French photography lovers exclaim in their not very fluent Chinese, “How beautiful Fenghuang it is ! I do love it!” Althought it is cold during the activity, their interest doesn’t rebate. Wherever they come to a site, They will stop and take photos and discuss on each other’s works. These photography lovers also indicate that if there is chance next year, They will come to Fenghuang again for deep appreciation of its beauty.

It is reported the photography collection activity is organized by Hunan People’s Government English Portal Website and is highly supported by Hunan Tourism Bureau. It plans to organize near 100 foreign photography lovers in three weeks to visit ten famous scenic spots in Hunan, such as Zhangjiajie, lang Mount, Zi Quejie, Hengshan Mount, Dehang, and through their perspective to display the splendid rivers and mountains, economic and social development in Hunan.

By Crystal