The Beauty of Huanglong hole’Outdoor scene in Spring

Admiring the natural heritage and pastoral scenery, It is the feeling in the world natural heritage Huanglong hole. It is such a place that hills and path lead to a secluded spot. When spring comes, dozens of acres of golden rape flowers and the plum blossom display their beauty.The pure primitive farming culture and intoxicating karst scenery inspire countless visitors and citizens to willingly appreciate.

Tread water car is a funny way to experience farming. It is a necessary item in Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole. With a total of three waterwheels, each one has its own charm and features.

Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole is entitled as “China’s best tourist cave”, “Cave wonders of the world” and so on. It is an “All-around cave champion of the world”, and the boutique resorts in Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia