VIP Boating Service Is Available in Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake

On 28th, February, It is heard from Baofeng Lake scenic zone that VIP boating service has been available for domestic and foreign tourist since 1st March when tour the holy lake above earth.

Originally, Baofeng Lake scenic zone only provide ordinary boating service which is RMB1000 per boat with RMB50 price adjustment fund included. Now VIP price is doubled, RMB2000 per boat with RMB100 price adjustment fund included. To add, executed ticket price is not included in VIP price. What worthy of attention is that ordinary boating service is not available during Golden week(China Holiday).

To book ordinary or VIP tour boat, Tourists need to book in advance. Tourists who choose VIP boat enjoy VIP service like special dock for on and off board, tea and dessert, eco car service and so on. The greatest guest load for ordinary and VIP boat is 52 and 26 persons.

By Patricia