Huanglong Hole Innovation Service System Wins 100% Satisfaction

Zhangjiajie Huanglong cave scenic area will take the lead in innovation speech dialogue, Service evaluation and wharf talk system, making 100% satisfaction.

Speech dialogue system refers to wear headset voice equipment for ticket window staff. Tourists through dialogue voice equipment, Reducing the busy procedure and improving work efficiency. After buying the ticket, people can make a service satisfaction evaluation to the staff, forming an evaluation mechanism.

Huanglong hole is the only land and sea sightseeing cave in the world. Xiangshui river is 800 meters. Then voice terminal system will remind tourists of paying attention to safety from the detail places.

As we have learned, Huanglong cave scenic spot with the top honor of “World cave wonder” and “China well-known trademark”, will complete the installation of these three systems in the near future.

Translated by Sophia