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The 7th Chinese Corner in Japan

The seventh Chinese Corner in Japan was established in Nagoya on May 27. Zhu Xinjian, vice chairman of the Association of Hunan People in Japan as well as a teacher at Aichi College was appointed representative of this Chinese corner. Duan Yuezhong, pioneer of the Chinese corner in Tokyo, director of the Japanese Jiang Jie Association of Hunan People and representative of the Chinese Corner in Yokohama attended the establishment ceremony.

The Corner attracted not only the Japanese and Chinese from all walks of life in Nagoya, but also caught attention of numerous Vietnamese students.

Mr. Zhu briefed about the establishment process of the Chinese Corner, after which some Japanese friends introduced themselves in both Chinese and Japanese. Duan introduced Chinese Corners in Tokyo, Urawa, Kodaira, Hiroshima, Kashima and Yokohama. He expected more support in the hope of establishing 100 Chinese corners in Japan.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal